The first device in the world that stops hair loss and promotes its regrowth

The first device in the world that stops hair loss and promotes its regrowth

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Safe, Effective, Made in Italy

TRICOPAT® is the latest development in trichology for the treatment of male and female scalp pathologies, in a completely painless way and without injections.

The device uses the unique TRICOGENESI® methodology, which is backed by 2 global patents and marks an innovation that is 100% Italian.

The result of over 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology, TRICOPAT® was developed thanks to a research project performed at the Scientific and Technological Hub that is home to CNR, ENEA and the University of Bologna.


How does

TRICOPAT® technology combines the simultaneous action of skin micro-incision and pressure waves to perform various dynamicrestructuring actions:

  • 1. Immediate increase of blood microcirculation for tissue oxygenation

  • 2. Stimulation of the tissue’s cellular metabolism

  • 3. Delivery of active ingredients


RESULTS (after 6 months)

Trichoscopy showed an improvement in 20 patients (10 males – 10 females).

showed excellent treatment efficacy:

12 with significant improvement
6 with moderate improvement
2 with slight improvement

showed excellent treatment efficacy:

11 patients with significant improvement
9 with moderate improvement.

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