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TRICOPAT® technology combines the simultaneous action of skin micro-incision and pressure waves to perform various dynamicrestructuring actions:
  1. Immediate increase of blood microcirculation for tissue oxygenation
  2. Stimulation of the tissue’s cellular metabolism
  3. Delivery of active ingredients
  • Trichology Cup

  • Hair Growth Factor

  • Double Patting Cones

Concentrates several dynamic restructuring actions in a single portable device weighing just 4,5 kg, including:

  • Controlled skin micro-incision
  • Pressure wave stimulation
  • Ionophoresis
  • Electrostimulation
  • Photostimulation

TRICOGENESI® methodology is developed by the association of TRICOPAT® and growth factors vehiculated with iontophoresis.

The result is a significant improvement of androgenetic alopecia both in male and female patients, with reduction of hair loss and an increased hair diameter in all the treated scalp areas.

The protocol consists of JUST
4 sessions every 3 weeks
Clinical study

This technique represents a safe and useful option for treating and preventing androgenetic alopecia, by mechanisms that included activating fibroblasts and elastin at the scalp under wound healing conditions, pronging anagen phase regrowth of new hair by stimulation of the blood microcirculation and by the effect of growing factors.

Moreover, this procedure is simple for the operator and is extremely pleasant for the patient, with cost-effect ration very low. As this association targets multiple pathogenetic factors of AGA, we believe that this procedure should be offered to patients with AGA for a faster hair follicle stimulation.


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