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More satisfied patients with Tricopat®: the first patented and scientifically validated protocol in Italy that guarantees you the best results after just a few sessions.


Simple, impressive, effective


Satisfaction in the eyes of your patients

Tricogenesis® is the only patented protocol that treats both male and female scalp disorders.

Say goodbye to ineffective treatments that yield only poor or non-lasting results.

With TricoPat® you can truly change your patients’ lives forever.


Make your medical centre exclusive with Tricopat®

You know how important it is for a doctor to be on the cutting edge.

Using the best technology and always guaranteeing the most effective results is not optional: it allows your practice to grow and operate with peace of mind.

TricoPat® offers you an incredibly innovative technology that will make your medical centre even more exclusive.

With TricoPat® you will be recognised by your patients.


Extraordinary results in a very short time

TricoPat® guarantees truly incredible results in just 4 sessions of 20 minutes, 3 weeks apart.

Not just, its use is very simple and intuitive.

TricoPat® is the revolution your patients have been waiting for.



Pleasant and painless
This is what all patients treated with the Trichogenesi® protocol say, the technologies in TricoPat® are minimally invasive and painless, indeed some of them with their stimulations have an antalgic effect especially on those suffering from trichodynia.

Only positive effects
As attested by the scientific study and all our medical customers, our patients are happy with the result with the following rating: 40% think they got a good result while 60% say they got a very significant result. With the Trichogenesis® protocol we have 100% satisfied patients.

Worldwide unique
For the first time in the world, in the treatment of scalp disorders, the Trichogenesis® protocol succeeds in just 20 minutes using the TricoPat® device and synthetic growth factors to provide a sequence of mechanical, electrical and light stimulation and active ingredients never used before with consistently effective results.

Healthy and full of life scalp
Thanks to the stimulation that the TricoPat®® emits, not only the hair benefits but also the scalp, because during the Trichogenesis® protocol the cells are stimulated, the skin is vascularised with consequent oxygenation and collagen production is stimulated. All this also promotes the healing of inflammatory conditions.

Quick and efficient
The treatment takes only 20 minutes per session. Unlike other types of protocols that take much longer, with no guarantee of results. With TricoPat® your patients will have thicker, stronger and definitely more beautiful hair, quickly and effectively.


Technical features

Easy to use
TricoPat® is extremely easy to use, the graphical interface will guide you through the treatment list and once the protocol is selected the TricoPat® will activate the various technologies in automatic sequence. Everything has been designed to make learning and using TricoPat® easy.

Controlled and safe
The TricoPat® device, through its protocol management software, controls the output of the various technologies at all times, so that treatment is safe and results are always effective.

Worldwide patents
TricoPat® technologies are covered by 2 granted world patents. With TricoPat® we wanted to make available to the medical practice the most innovative technologies in the world for treating hair disorders.

Innovation made in Italy
TricoPat® is a totally Italian project, from conception to design and realisation. Our company is part of the Technological Pole of Faenza and for the high innovative value of the project we have been chosen by the European Fund as a company for regional development.

Training is a key point for us and for our customers, and we have organised it in two phases: the first phase is direct training with one of our product specialists directly in the doctor’s office, and the second phase is workshops where we discuss new treatment discoveries with medical speakers and carry out treatment trials directly on patients. The synergy of our protocols with good training of the doctor is a winning one and always gives effective results.


Is Tricopat® the same as all other solutions for the treatment of scalp disorders?

Absolutely not.

TricoPat® is a patented and scientifically validated device that uses a different process of stimulation on the scalp than what you currently find on the market.
Most companies that produce products and machines to treat hair pathologies promote long and expensive solutions, while with TricoPat you only get benefits.
Injectables, for example, only work on one part of the problem.
These generally work on the superficial part of the skin tissue, without promoting proper functioning of blood vessels and skin cells.

There are devices that perform blood processes to regenerate the hair and tissue structure, but these are painful, time-consuming, expensive and not standardised like the TricoPat® device. Normally, several months pass before the first positive results are obtained, while at other times there are no results at all.
During this time, one is forced to undergo several sessions, often unproductive, which leave the patient unhappy because he is not getting any benefit.
This is why we decided to create a device that would guarantee visible and tangible results for the doctor and his patients in a very short time.
In fact, only 4 sessions are needed to complete the treatment, one every 3 weeks.
In less than three months, multiple stimulations can increase the metabolism of skin tissue cells and stimulate their regeneration.
The result? A total stop to hair loss and a progressive thickening process of the scalp.
With TricoPat® you can really change your patients’ lives forever.


Does the treatment hurt? Does it really work?

Many scalp treatments often do more harm than good for the patient’s health.

Leaving aside the negative effects of chemicals such as lotions and drugs, various types of equipment are also not exactly beneficial for the body.

Once extracted, the blood is centrifuged and then reinserted into the skin tissue.

This is supposed to give an enormous stimulus to cellular metabolism and promote spontaneous regeneration, but this is not always the case.

On the basis that a sample has to be taken in order to apply this technique makes it extremely uncomfortable and painful.

It is also necessary to point out that these substances do not always have the desired effects and even if results do occur, they will only be noticeable once all the treatment procedures have been completed.

With TricoPat® we wanted to create an instrument that was simple, effective and guaranteed to produce concrete results in a very short time (without having to wait for all the sessions to be completed).

With 20-minute treatments, once every 3 weeks for just 4 times, it is possible to treat all scalp disorders.

And there is another notable difference from other devices: our process is painless, even pleasant. And it really works. The Trichogenesis® protocol allows great vascularisation and improvement of the metabolism, promoting cell regeneration.

No blood samples, no anaesthesia, no pain… simply multiple stimulations are applied to ensure vascularisation and significant production of collagen.


How it works


Seeing and trying TricoPat® is very easy. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and one of our specialists will contact you.

So that they can provide you with all the information you need to know 100% about the Trichogenesis® protocol.


We offer you the knowledge and experience of our professional team, who will show you how TricoPat® works in detail. You can try it out for yourself and evaluate each step of the process. In 20 minutes you will no longer have any doubts.


Once you have assessed your experience and know every single detail about it, you can decide whether to rent or purchase our device directly. From that moment on, you can finally take possession of one of the most advanced technologies in the dermatological field. Change the lives of your patients. Now you can.


Frequent Questions

Is it a safe treatment? Does it have no side effects on the patients’ skin?

Tricopat® treatment is safe and quick.

No blood is drawn and no special substances are injected.

It is simple, painless, relaxing and pleasant for the patient.

The treatment is completed in just 20 minutes, and after 4 sessions you can see extraordinary results without any side effects.

Is this treatment long-lasting?

Once the 4-session protocol had been carried out, the study showed that the results were maintained for 10 months.

How much maintenance does Tricopat® require?

We offer a 4-year warranty on the entire machine, all because Tricopat® has been researched and tested, showing extraordinary reliability

Do I need to buy anything else besides Tricopat®?

Our Tricopat® is sold in a special “package” that includes the perfect kit to give you great results, in even less time.

The kit includes a special “Hair Factor” serum, which when delivered through Tricopat® stimulates scalp cells, speeding up the hair growth process.

Nothing more is needed to enhance the treatment.

Now the choice is in your hands.

How long does the result last?

Once the 4-session protocol has been completed, the results will last up to a maximum of one year, although it is recommended to have a maintenance treatment every 2 months. In the majority of cases treated, it is the patients themselves, having seen the results, who request to continue the treatment beyond the protocol.




“Sono un medico estetico da ormai 23 anni, e ne ho viste di cose passarmi davanti agli occhi. Ormai posso dire di conoscere quasi alla perfezione che cosa vogliono i miei clienti quando si rivolgono a me, specialmente se si tratta di cura del cuoio capelluto. Ho testato numerosi protocolli ma devo ammettere che Tricopat li supera tutti. Non ho mai visto dei risultati così rapidi e concreti! Il processo è velocissimo ed assolutamente indolore, tanto che i miei pazienti fanno fatica a crederci dopo averlo terminato. Ma poi quando vedono i risultati… non vedono l’ora di tornare! Non posso che ritenermi soddisfatta.”


“Questa è stata davvero la scoperta dell’anno! Quando ho saputo dell’esistenza di questo nuovo protocollo tecnologico mi sono subito messo alla ricerca di informazioni ed ho prenotato un appuntamento per saperne di più. Così ho provato Tricopat e devo dire di esserne rimasto sorpreso. In una ventina di minuti avevo finito e non è stato per nulla fastidioso, anzi, tutto il contrario. Ed i miei “colleghi” sono stati davvero esaustivi nel darmi tutte le informazioni da me richieste. Ora lo utilizzo nel mio studio da diversi mesi ed ho già potuto vederlo all’opera su una decina di pazienti… con risultati davvero incredibili! NESSUNO è ancora rimasto deluso dal protocollo.”


“Quando ho sentito parlare di “protocollo di Tricogenesi” ne sono rimasto abbastanza incuriosito, ma allo stesso tempo ero molto scettico. <>, ricordo di averlo pensato quasi all’istante. Eppure ora posso dire con certezza (ed anche un po’ di imbarazzo) che mi sono dovuto ricredere. Mi è bastato vederlo all’opera per capire che si trattava di una tecnologia diversa. Quando mi hanno mostrato i dati scientifici ed i risultati, ho capito che avrebbe funzionato davvero. Ora ne sto utilizzando due in clinica da qualche mese, ed i miei pazienti ringraziano!”


Scientific studies

TricoPat® is the absolute novelty in the field of trichology for the treatment of male and female scalp disorders, completely painless and without injections.

The device uses the TRICOGENESI® protocol, unique in the world, which boasts two world patents and is a 100% Italian innovation:

Patent 1: Operating head for automatic device for micro dermo-incision of the skin.
Patent 2: Operating head for scalp treatment

Tricopat® is the result of a research project developed at the Polo Scientifico Tecnologico di Faenza and has been scientifically validated by dermatological researchers and doctors.

Now the complete solution for the doctor treating scalp disorders. We have created a complete pathway for those new to trichology that starts with training through an online course and ends with the supply of an analysis tool, Handyscope by Fotofinder, that captures macro and trichoscopic images that can be examined and reported by TrichoLab trichology experts. All this is aimed at supporting the use of TricoPat® to better treat patients with scalp disorders.


Rent and experience the incredible results of TricoPat®.

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Enter your details here to be contacted by one of our specialists who will give you all the details.

(Contact us if you have a medical centre or if you are a doctor)

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